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TPindell is an actor, comedian, producer and YouTube personality. He is widely known for his self-titled YouTube channel, which features sketch comedy, musical parodies, short films, and a variety of original comedic content.


Born in Baltimore and raised in Annapolis, Maryland, T has always enjoyed entertaining others and being a class clown. At the age of 15, he relocated to South Florida and attended American Heritage High School, where he excelled at football, basketball and track & field. After high school, T went on to study Criminal Justice and play college football at Florida Atlantic University.


Taking inspiration from Diddy's Blog, T decided to create his own YouTube channel as an outlet to entertain others and express himself. Since its launch in 2011, T's main YouTube channel has amassed over 1.6 million subscribers and more than 190 million video views. 


TpindellTV, his second YouTube channel, is used primarily for bloopers, vlogging, fan mail and exclusive behind the scenes content. T also provides fitness tutorials, advice on healthy eating, and workout tips for the subscribers of his fitness channel, TpindellFitness.

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